This website is a small venture by us to introduce you the simple gadget called yogurt maker which is used to make delicious servings of plain or flavored yogurt. Here we will take you through the advantages of a great yogurt maker, the features you have to look into while buying one and some of the great yogurt makers in the market currently.

What is yogurt maker?

Yogurt is a favorite food item for many. In fact many prefer Yogurt to milk for the sheer combination it presents with other food items. If you are not aware, yogurt is formed by the action of bacteria on milk, through a process called fermentation. The bacteria involved in this process are lactobacillus. The probiotic content aids in the digestion process and keeps you healthy. The benefits of probiotics have been acknowledged globally. The Yogurt is a classic example of how bacteria act to the benefit of mankind.Making yogurt is a task that requires skill and patience. The conventional method used to be complex and time consuming. At times it could take days for the milk to ferment, which is usually detected by the sour taste it presents. Great yogurt maker is a gadget that is used to derive Yogurt out of milk.

Even though the yogurt maker helps you in making the yogurt faster be ready to wait four to 10 hours to get the batch with proper fermentation. If you are one of those who prefer unprocessed food items, the yogurt maker is the perfect device for you. It helps you prepare yogurt from the comfort of your kitchen using any form of milk, be it skimmed, fat free or any other. In some models you can even make yogurt from soya milk.

great yogurt maker

Using a yogurt maker one can speed up the process of fermentation of milk and obtain the desired end product, the tasty yogurt in relatively less time. There are many models in the market with different features but you have to check on some of the fundamentals before buying one.

Some guide to buy great yogurt maker:

So you have made up your mind to buy a yogurt maker and are having a hard time selecting the right one. Well, you are not alone. There are many who are going through the same situation. Let us hope this guide helps you in making your buying decision easier.

Ask yourselves a couple of questions. Why do you need a yogurt maker? Is it to just prepare yogurt from milk, or to make special savories. Well, a regular yogurt maker does well in fermenting the milk and gives you yogurt in a short span, some may even store the yogurt thus obtained at a lower temperature. The next question you have to ask is how much is your family’s yogurt consumption. You may calculate this on a weekly basis.

great yogurt maker

Another important factor you have to consider is about the ingredients you are going to use to make the yogurt. Are you going to use plain milk or yogurt powder which can be bought from store? Some models will not support both. If your family like flavored yogurt then think about individual serving yogurt maker in which you can make different flavors at a time (4 or 5 small containers for each flavors).  If your family likes frozen yogurt you may think about a model which gives both the features (fermentation and cooling).

Above are the basic factors you have to consider while buying a yogurt maker. The last thing to check is whether the features of the yogurt maker you have decided to buy is worth the price.

Features need to check before buying:

Gadgets that are intended to perform the same function are often bundled with additional features and the yogurt maker is no exception. Let me take you through the features you need to consider before buying a great yogurt maker.

1. Controls available :

This is the first feature you have to think before buying a yogurt maker. You have to check whether the yogurt maker gives you the facility to set the fermentation time. Then you have to check whether you can control the temperature of the mix manually if you want to do so.

2. Space occupied:

Yes, you know that great yogurt maker is a gadget which makes your work easy but you do not want it to take up a lot space in your kitchen counter. So search for a compact model that meets the space constraints you might have.

3. Cooling feature:

This is an additional feature available with some of the electronic yogurt makers available in the market. This feature allows you to be worry free because it automatically switches the mode to cooling from fermentation once the fermentation is completed.

4. Capacity of the container:

You will have an idea about how much is your family’s yogurt consumption and depending upon that you should select the capacity of the container. You get great yogurt maker which make up to 2 quarts of yogurt at a time.

5. Alarm:

Some of the models alert you with alarm once the fermentation process is over. This feature is a good to have one since there is a possibility that you will forget about the great  yogurt maker and get busy with other chores. There are other models which even shut off automatically once the fermentation is complete.

great yogurt maker

6. Easy to clean:

This is also important since the whole purpose of buying great yogurt maker is to ease the yogurt making. So cleaning of the container and other components of the yogurt maker should be easy.

With all these features check whether you get other accessories like serving bowl and yogurt strainer. These always help you in making your favorite yogurt recipes.

Advantage of using yogurt maker:

One of the biggest advantages of using the great yogurt maker is the simplification of the entire Yogurt preparation process. The other is the reduction in the overall time to obtain the Yogurt. So, if you have to put it in simple words, the yogurt maker is a “fill it, shut it and press it” device. All you have to do is fill the milk, shut the container and press the button. The fermentation process would be kick started. Another advantage that I noticed with the yogurt maker was the consistency in the quality of the yogurt it prepares. You would love the consistent taste of the end product, irrespective of who uses the gadget. There is another advantage that in homemade yogurt there won’t be any preservatives or sugar added.

Reviews for best 6 yogurt makers:

In this section, I will take you through the reviews of the best 6 yogurt makers which I found online while searching one for myself. Below are the small reviews about these products.

1. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker:

This is an electronic yogurt maker which also has the automatic cooling facility. You can set the timer and once the fermentation is done it automatically turns on the cooling mode. The main advantage of buying this yogurt is that you do not have to worry about anything, just put the ingredients and scoop out the yogurt when it is ready.


2. Euro Cuisine YM260 Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker:

This is a basic yogurt makers which gives 64 ounces of yogurt at a time. The kit comes with a cotton bag to strain out the Greek yogurt, a serving bowl and a thermometer. Even though you may feel this kit is little over priced you get accessories also with this.

euro cuisine yogurt maker

3. Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker:

This gadget is only to make the Greek yogurt at home. For this you either have to buy plain yogurt from store or should have a yogurt maker at home. If you are looking for a strainer then this is the product for you and the strainer can hold up to 2 quarts of cheese.

euro cuisine yogurt maker


4. Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker:

This yogurt maker is a temperature controlled one and you can make up to 1 quart of yogurt at a time. You can keep the container directly to the freezer once the fermentation is done and can use up to 10 days. You will find this little pricey but this yogurt maker is durable.

best yogurt maker

5. Cuisinart Pure Indulgence:

This gadget almost works as a blast chiller which is used to make frozen desserts faster (say within 30 minutes). You can use this not only for making frozen yogurt, but also for other frozen desserts like Ice cream, and sorbet. This can hold up to 2 quarts of frozen desserts at a time however the basic function of a yogurt maker is not there.

frozen yogurt maker


6. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Pack:

dash greek yogurt maker

If you ask me to describe this product in one sentence I would say – This is the complete package to make, store and carry the homemade yogurt or Greek yogurt. Along with the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker the pack also includes 2 Fro-Yo pops, recipe book and 2 travel mate yogurt jar.