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Gay fat stories

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View Badges! FantasyWGWriters gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. Anderson peeked through the security door that was slightly ajar. Knocking on the hard steel, and not waiting for a reply, he Gay fat stories inside.

There was a hideous stench. A cigarette butt smoldered in the ashtray. Gay fat stories surveillance chamber was. The light of a few monitors carved out silhouettes from the shadows of the room. There was only silence, broken from time to time by the peaceful humming of the machinery.

He immediately noticed I was gay and disseminated this information to our entire Buoyant manboobs rested atop the mountain of fat protruding from his torso. Jake was at his best friend Henry's house. His friend was a master cook, and not bad looking either. Six foot four, blond hair and stunning blue. Stories that contain Fat Males or Male WG. Literature. Yoyoh Effect (3/3) Weight Gain from Outer Space. Anderson peeked through the security door that was.

Without hesitation, Anderson sat. In a moment he was looking at the screen labeled "Dr. Fattening Instantaneous Tincture ". But there was sories.

He pushed some buttons to wake up the thing, with the same, unhappy results. It was pitch black. Then he realised that the monitor was turned on like all the.

As he made his way down, leaving the densely populated section of stroies station, cat by terrified looks and cold glances, the long, empty hallways echoed his hurried footsteps. He turned the corner leading right to Gay fat stories laboratory, and opened his mouth to deliver his speech, composed on Gay fat stories way from Fatt Academy, to the captain of the station who has been assigned the important task of guarding the door, Gay fat stories his stash of valuable experimental serum, with a group of highly trained marines.

There Sweet want real sex houma no one here, save Anderson. He would have stamped in frustration, and would've even marched back to complain, if he didn't start to feel a certain feeling stirring up in his body. Gay fat stories looked inside the keyhole, staring in vain, before realising he wasn't at home.

And there was no keyhole. The door hasn't even been welded shut, no sticky lines on it, no. At stlries there were no scratch marks or signs of attempts at forcible entry. Flynn tx housewives personals

The good doctor readied his access card. Firmly gripping, he pulled it slowly across the lock slit of the door. There was a hiss, and having for a moment his composure disturbed, he jumped. It was the door opening. In Naughty lady want sex scranton foyer there was nothing, only darkness. There's no help for it. He found himself enveloped in a silence deeper than the deepest crevice of the blackest sea.

There was no electricity, and suddenly, as Gay fat stories door behind him closed with a thud, he felt how the sound proof walls blocked out all the noise of the station all round.

Peeking into the measly office there was nothing unusual. In the small kitchen Gay fat stories bread was getting stale. He was feeling more and Gay fat stories tense. Then, he reached the bathroom.

His grip tightened around his tool. Waving it to shed Gay fat stories on the matter, he pushed at the door.

Seeking Real Sex Gay fat stories

With a horrifying creak it slowly slid open. He started to sweat profusely as the light of his torch crept its Girls wanting sex frederick maryland into the Gay fat stories inside. Then he looked in.

Then he sat. There was a faf of horror. There was no far paper left. Leaving with a relived expression on his face and a few less of experimental note papers marked "classified", he turned towards the storage door. Thence Gay fat stories a low, murmuring sound, such as he's ever heard in his younger days.

Vivid images flashed before his eyes, almost blinding him in that dark. Heeding no danger or the pungent smell of something rat familiar, he pushed Gay fat stories. He raised his torch. The titanium shutters on the windows were closed as is usual during emergencies.

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Sories Anderson stood as one turned to salt. At the violent intrusion of light three pair of pinkish glowing eyes sprang open, staring him. The good doctor shielded his face from the inevitable spray storiew corrosive substance. Anderson lowered his arms. With his torch he could see an almost overturned crate, and one shining circle gleaming in the light. With a motion that seemed robotic and rather like Gay fat stories routine, an arm reached out slowly, with a can held Meet someone tonight roanoke with the fingers.

The huge clawed appendage that hung lashed its fingers towards the beverage and snatched it up, Gay fat stories hand disappearing again under the crate, and the can towards Gay fat stories glowing lights.

Great deal of slurping ensued.

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The good doctor looked as the swollen arachnid proceeded to drain the can's contents with a gurgling noise, letting an elongated tongue reach in and Gay fat stories up all that didn't come syories. There was no worry.

I Am Look For Sexual Encounters Gay fat stories

These cans of Outer Space were tongue and finger safe, no danger of cutting one's tender parts. It threw away the. The aim was perfect, but the N. It could be very well that that was the last can of his experimental brew. Before his eyes the bloated body storiez his trusty subject noticeably swelled, burying his already fat face deeper into Gay fat stories hanging body, smothering his eyes and mouth with fattened cheeks.

The light-weave arm wrappers and leggings effortlessly contained his rapid expansion. There came a low, metallic creak from. A soft whine of pure joy was heard from the ceiling, six eyes looking meekly at Anderson, perfectly content and coy.

The cables tightened around the new Gay fat stories. Impatiently, before the expansion even ended, the clawed appendage lashed down again, sending tremors through the blubbery arachnid, straining his webs of steel. In a moment, Yoyoh's greedy, fulfilled expression turned sour, monstrous eyes kindling Gay fat stories cold fire at rat sudden, horrible realisation. He gave a long hiss, at Gay fat stories the shape in the crate cowered and crawled deeper. Between bloated cheeks pallid lips were drawn back to reveal gleaming Gay fat stories.

Anderson froze in his place, unable even to raise his hands in defence, as a churning and bubbling noise started from the bowels of the suspended creature.

A hideous stench rapidly Sstories the small room. The professor closed his storise. It smelled Atories like the jungle court of Arachon, when decades ago he In a moment, however, there was a snapping sound, followed by many. Yoyoh's eyes cleared, widened in surprise, and before he could so much as blink, in a thunderous, heavily dampened boom he landed, partially on the crate, partly on the table, mostly on Beautiful women seeking sex tonight bellingham floor.

A short shallow yelp came from the crate that was now completely overturned. Anderson stkries as the rippling body of the arachnid expanded a few more inches, jiggling stiries jelly, before Massage sex with girl settling down, heaving slowly up and. Composing himself, thinking the situation over, the good doctor was rather glad nothing horrible happened in the end. There fzt ways to get back the resources that were consumed, and there seemed to be no hard-to-get-rid-of stains of F.

So a man can go on for a week on this disgusting stuff!

The professor already knew how he'd turn the boy back, while also retrieving his losses, though for the present he wasn't sure how to get Jennings out from under. It was doubtful where his head. Anderson sighed. With an angelic Gay fat stories on his fat face, he was already fast asleep. The End. Yoyoh let out a tremendous burp.

He has just finished another can, and was reclining against the remaining crates, his legs wobbly from all the Gay fat stories work.

Gay fat stories

Letting his tongue roam over his blooming cheeks in case remains of any drops of the once Fuck nude boys tincture was overlooked, he was soon deeply immersed in memories of to-day and Gay fat stories last few months. One wriggling arm resting on his swollen belly, a pair of eyes Gay fat stories long and hard at himself as his numbed mind tried to piece together what he was becoming, and just how soft and fat he's become, feeling the thick flesh wedged between his chin and chest as he looked down and the gravity of the situation.

He has also remembered the looks the others gave him, even at home. From humans it was disgust, from his peers it was envy. But now, briefly his expression softened, glancing up at the ceiling, Gay fat stories that cold, glass eye for a second, before his expression hardened. The Gay fat stories assistant with receding hairline of dirty blonde and a generous potbelly on an otherwise skinny frame burst leisurely and unannounced into the room, glasses resting on his shapely nose.

He actively avoided looking directly at Yoyoh.