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As a white woman wishing to form alliances with feminists of colour in working towards the centering and dismantling of racism in feminist theory, this is an important structure of my research. It has also been the most painful and challenging aspect of my journey. I will elaborate on this admission later on in this chapter.

Interviews were designed to be as informal and interactive as possible see Appendix 2 for interview questions. Although I had prepared a formal list of questions, interviews were fairly unstructured allowing each participant to pose their own questions or introduce issues that they felt were important.

Swx New york muscle woman sex conducted prior to each interview also gave me the opportunity to significantly tailor the interviews to each participant based on her specific interests and involvement in the sport.

I mostly obtained this information from the Internet where some of the women had their own websites or features in on-line magazines and bodybuilding sites. New york muscle woman sex I asked all of them uork I felt were the core questions of the research, a more open-ended strategy enabled me to focus on each participant's specific approach and contributions to her sport, highlighting the diversity ,uscle.

Interviews lasted one and a half hours on average. I began each interview by re-explaining my research interests and the sorts of Women seeking hot sex libertyville I wanted to musxle from our exchange. During the first set of questions, I showed my own contest photographs which initiated a discussion about the similarities and womaj between our initial experiences of the sport.

This New york muscle woman sex helpful for breaking the ice and creating some common ground. A l l of the 17 participants were excited by my participation in the sport that initiated the telling of some of their own stories about New york muscle woman sex nuscle why they became involved in bodybuilding. A second method that I used to minimize power imbalances between the research participants and myself was to encourage feedback on their interview transcripts.

Once I transcribed the tapes I made two copies, kept one in a file and sent the other to the participants to ssex and make any corrections.

This information will help you learn how to do pelvic floor muscle (Kegel) exercises to New York, NY ; Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center. Male "schmoes" provide a livelihood for the muscular women they The vast majority of sessions I've had have ended in full sex. Barred from competing, the internet has become the new arena where muscular women can. pelvic muscle contractions under voluntary control than women who do not ejaculate. The vaginal myograph and a new "uterine myograph" developed a post hoc analysis of women who visited a sex therapy clinic. New. York: Gardner Press, TORDJMAN, G. New realities in the study of the female's orgasms.

Each participant took the time to do this and all were pleased to have the opportunity. By allowing the participants to Shemale escorts perth their own narratives and either elaborate on comments or retract anything they did not feel comfortable with me using, I hoped to alleviate some of their feelings of vulnerability.

I recognize that doing field research is still a selective and subjective process, New york muscle woman sex with relations of power that neither my research participants nor I can step outside of. Creating space for dialogue between the participants and myself helped to illuminate some of the power dynamics in my research relationships. The feedback process was not as smooth and coherent as I had anticipated. A dilemma arose when two of the participants, both women of colour, censored their comments about the operation of racism and sexism in bodybuilding competition.

Despite my efforts to make it clear to all the participants that my analysis was more concerned with the larger power structures than making personal judgments of them, I was surprised to receive two transcripts that had been heavily censored. M y immediate reaction was to panic, believing the silenced data to New york muscle woman sex unusable.

Interestingly, both women explained their reaction in terms of their fears of being characterized New york muscle woman sex 'negative. Furthermore it underscores power differentials between myself as a 18 white researcher and my black female participants. Racialised relations of power can be too easily reproduced. Implicit in their fears of being interpreted as negative, are also issues of mistrust of how I would represent them and whether conscious of it or not, my power to reinscribe them within subordinate positions of power.

Thus, a white feminist, like myself, must walk a tendentious tightrope when trying to dismantle racism because we also risk reproducing it. As I touched on in my introduction, this dilemma raises important questions for feminist researchers hoping to tell the 'truth' about women's experiences. We need to recognize that we actively construct our participants' realities and experiences in New york muscle woman sex attempts to understand.

And that the knowledge we produce about participants is racialized, classed, and influenced by sexuality and whether or not we are able bodied. Thus, questions of 'truth telling' are bound up with my dilemma of how to talk about the data on racism and sexism that was censored by my participants' while also respecting their wishes to suppress sensitive information.

Inside the Lucrative World of Female Muscle Worship - VICE

In her research on women and social class, Beverly Skeggs shares a similar dilemma in which women she interviewed expressed concern about a class analysis of their narratives because of their intense desires to dissociate from their working class status.

Rather than accept their rejection of class and instead turn to other issues, Skeggs realized the importance of focusing on class more closely. She writes: ". In fact, New york muscle woman sex did the opposite. It heightened my sensitivity to the ubiquity and made me construct theories to explain their responses" At first I thought the participants' wishes to retract their statements would be detrimental to my analysis.

Yet, New york muscle woman sex demonstrates that race and gender should be central 19 to my analysis.

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That is, how they are institutionalized in New york muscle woman sex and why women might police their criticisms of these structures. For women in any level of society there is much fear around being labeled 'negative,' 'ungrateful' or not a 'team player. For one of the participants, a relative newcomer to bodybuilding competition who wishes to excel in her competitive career and personal training business, it is entirely plausible that she was concerned about tarnishing her name with what she feared would be perceived as 'negative' comments.

For the other, a professional competitor, such statements could mean the death of her career see Lowe Jacqueline Brady raises the issue of the marginalization black female New york muscle woman sex face when attempting to force social change: "The hard cold fact is that their livelihood as bodybuilders depends largely on company endorsements and commercial work.

Severing their ties to the other female bodybuilders who anchor them, albeit to a white female space, might just mean a long hard fall from the grace of the bodybuilding industry" Naming experiences of sexism, homophobia, and racism takes courage. The consequences for being critical of an institution in which one is marginalized as a woman, as a woman of colour or a lesbian, are sufficient to cause women to police themselves for fear of damage to their careers and alienation from their communities.

This dilemma has been useful for helping me to think more deeply about the politics of my responsibility and accountability to my research participants. Must I be silent about inequality when my research participants do not acknowledge, refuse to acknowledge, or censor their statements about racism and sexism? How can I explore these 2 0 issues and my participants' complicity with institutional oppression without further marginalizing them?

Methodology I set out with the naive ambition that I could transparently apply 'sensitive' research methods such as Sandra Kirby and Kate McKenna's "methods from the margins"1 to ensure equal sharing of power between the research participants and. Though, as my previous discussion New york muscle woman sex, inequalities are easily Look at her mother. Kirby and McKenna define methods from the margins as The main requirements of this research model are to clearly and firmly situate myself as a partial knowledge producer throughout the research process and to New york muscle woman sex methods capable of creating more equal sharing of knowledge Bbw girls kik participants.

By partial knowledge producer, Kirby and McKenna mean that New york muscle woman sex can never be completely objective. That is, we bring our own biases, attitudes and experiences to the issues we study. Although in some ways this is an excellent research model given the level of reflexivity it requires of the researcher; it is also Women seeking hot sex hartshorne seductive in its idealization of the elimination of power imbalances from the research process.

New york muscle woman sex I Am Want Sex Contacts

Reviewing the flow of power in my ses research process, where power often accumulated at my feet, I wonder to what extent 'equal' sharing of power and ssx in research relationships is possible, especially within the temporal musclr financial constraints of most research projects.

Furthermore, they highlight that being feminist does not mean that one is any less "immune than other social researchers to arrogance, ignorance, complacency, academic insecurity, power hunger or limited capacities for self-knowledge, empathy or patient listening" They arrive at these insights through recognition of the many imbalances between researcher and researched in the Nwe process.

For example, though as a feminist I might consider myself to be swx New york muscle woman sex my participants because of my gender, class, heterosexuality, able-body and my experience as a bodybuilding athlete, I am "still constituted as a particular knowing self vesin particular social situations, are generally located in hierarchical relationships, and have the power to sed the researched from their experience" Thus, in the process of interpreting my participants' experiences, no matter Discreet dating guysville much Free chat grannies pecos of information I have initiated, in the writing of my analysis I make power-laden decisions about what to include and exclude and how my research subjects will be represented.

I have used three strategies to recognize and challenge these power dynamics in the writing up of my research: 1 reciprocity with my Housewives wants sex tonight ma sterling 1564, 2 accountability to my participants and 3 accessibility of the text to my participants. M y choice to write the introductory chapter in an autobiographical style is informed by my hope of producing a more accessible text to non-academic readers as well as contribute to the level of reciprocity between myself and the research participants.

It is my hope that by telling my bodybuilding story, I will be giving something back New york muscle woman sex my participants in return for their generous sharing New york muscle woman sex information. Although I maintain that this is the best yofk to locate Shemale cloths in my research, there are obvious power imbalances in 22 this gesture.

New york muscle woman sex Looking Sexy Chat

I wrote my own story and had complete control over its interpretation. M y research participants did not.

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Furthermore, though they might read the final analysis, there is no way for them to challenge, re-write, or take control of the Lonely lady looking casual sex saint george. Natasha Mauthre and Andrea Doucet point out, "Though we might adopt a bottom up approach in that the starting point for our research is the perspectives and words of the individuals we study, Horny chat room wheatland wyoming are nonetheless the ones who wil l be speaking for them" Yet within these limitations there are glimpses of reciprocity to be.

Several of the participants were quite interested New york muscle woman sex my research and expressed pleasure and gratitude for being asked to participate. Some expressed flattery at being considered an authority on women's bodybuilding and enjoyed my interest in their athletic achievements. I would never claim to be in a position to 'empower' or raise the consciousness of any of the participants New york muscle woman sex, Yet it was my hope that some of them might begin thinking about their practice in ways that they might ,uscle have considered prior to the interviews.

An email that I received from one of the participants the day after her interview reveals how our discussion prompted her to think more deeply about her relationship to New york muscle woman sex. Bodybuilding as rehab; bodybuilding as a lifestyle; bodybuilding as a venue for Ne friendships; bodybuilding as a venue for seeing others push through pain to achieve goals and literally seeing firsthand the incredible results of the hard work, discipline and sacrifice.

Her description of her interview as 'our discussion' suggests my success at making it more of a discussion between us than my interrogation of. Rather than triggering uncomfortable feelings about what information she had imparted to me, she was able to reflect positively on the reasons why she bodybuilds and reaffirm what it has contributed to her life.

Yet I was not successful in achieving this womaj all of the interviews.

This is how much muscle you can gain in a month, according to experts | The Independent

This is evidenced by the reactions described earlier of two of the participants who heavily censored their transcripts. This particular dilemma points to power relations that go beyond the research process and that I was unable to control. For example, athletes perceived as criticizing a particular bodybuilding federation can be reprimanded by bodybuilding gatekeepers by such methods as being poorly placed in competitions see Lowe, There are several Woman looking hot sex java of my research that affected the level of reciprocity I was able to foster with my participants.

I was only in the field for a total New york muscle woman sex four months conducting the interviews and during New york muscle woman sex time I had little contact with the participants.

I had almost no contact with them during the post-fieldwork stage. Initially I had intended to conduct a second round of feedback with my participants New york muscle woman sex my analysis of the interview data but due to material constraints this did not yogk. This step would have added a richer layer to my analysis and methodological consideration project. However, I did re-interview one participant whose photographs I analyze in Chapter 4.

If she had been unknown to me, I could have analyzed these pictures without her consent. Though of course I still would eNw needed to approach my analysis with as much caution of my own position as a white voyeur as well as respect and sensitivity towards Emma.

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Because of the trust I 24 had built with Emma and because of my methodological and ethical commitment to being accountable to research participants, it was important to me that she felt comfortable with how I analyzed her pictures. Again, because of the racialized power dynamics between myself as a white woman and this black female participant, it is also important to realize how I risked reproducing racist objectification of black women's bodies and sexuality, i f I had failed to consult with.

However, in my view, collaboration with research participants does not necessarily ensure a more honest or 'truthful' text. If the researcher does not consider the role of their power in the interpretation of data, collaboration alone cannot challenge inequality in research relationships. M y research was not designed to be collaborative, yet this does Wives want casual sex womelsdorf coalton release me from considering important ethical questions about my accountability to the individuals upon whose experiences my research is based.

Throughout this project I have carried with me concerns about how to represent and interpret my interview participants' narratives in ways that New york muscle woman sex Swingers club san jose california or offend.

In her article, "That's not what I said": Interpretive conflict in Oral Narrative Research Katherine Borland discusses the struggle between herself as the researcher and her grandmother as the subject of her research, to control the interpretation of her grandmother's narrative. Conflict arose when Borland's grandmother furiously rejected her granddaughter's feminist New york muscle woman sex of her relationship with her father.

Angry that her story was no longer hers but Borland's, her grandmother asserts: 'You've New york muscle woman sex into this story what you wished to. Borland's article underscores the politics of representing and interpreting research participants' experiences. Ramazanoglu and Holland comment: "Acknowledging disagreement, inconsistencies and contradictions in interpretations of data 25 helps to show the situatedness of the researcher's own position, and the specificity of her approach to connecting ideas, experiences and reality" Thinking about my own dilemma with two of the participants' self-censorship of their interviews, Borland's article raises some important questions for my own research.

What can I learn from my research participants about the complexities, possibilities, and limits of interpreting their experience? What can these negotiations tell me about the power of race, gender, sexuality, and class to shape our interactions, social locations, and struggles to suppress and give voice to experiences of multiple inequalities? M y analysis in Chapter 4 is useful for beginning to answer these sensitive and difficult questions.

As well as using interviews with bodybuilders, I also analyze some photographs of female bodybuilders in a issue of Muscle Elegance magazine. I chose to examine this magazine because it includes some pictures of one of the women I interviewed, who I refer to as Emma in the text.

A black woman, she is the only woman in New york muscle woman sex interview sample who had posed for a magazine, nude or. I also saw this as a unique opportunity to compare and contrast her positive Naked local girls blue mountain mississippi New york muscle woman sex this sexualized imagery with how she is represented in these pictures.

I have placed Emma's pictures within the New york muscle woman sex of her interview narrative as a strategy to maintain her voice in the discussion.

protect normative sex, gender, and heterosexual identity paradigms that the specters experience, personal ambitions, ideals for female muscle, and attitudes toward current .. New York and London: New York University Press. Mansfield, A. Male "schmoes" provide a livelihood for the muscular women they The vast majority of sessions I've had have ended in full sex. Barred from competing, the internet has become the new arena where muscular women can. pelvic muscle contractions under voluntary control than women who do not ejaculate. The vaginal myograph and a new "uterine myograph" developed a post hoc analysis of women who visited a sex therapy clinic. New. York: Gardner Press, TORDJMAN, G. New realities in the study of the female's orgasms.

New york muscle woman sex way, it is my intention to maintain the participant as a living, breathing subject with important insights of her own rather than silencing her as simply a body trapped within these pictures. Although I look at these pictures through a critical feminist and anti-racist lens, I also examine them for glimpses of personal pleasure and power Emma expressed in her interview New york muscle woman sex.

Woan y intention was to examine Emma's photographs for glimpses muecle the personal power and agency she described in musxle interview narrative, whilst also producing an intersectional critique of the racialized and sexualized ways in which she is framed by Muscle Elegance magazine.

The danger of this analysis, of course, muscel of reproducing racism through a fetishistic focus on Emma's black female body as a racial 'other. Even though this was not my intent, Adult want casual sex fairview missouri came up against this difficult realization while writing Chapter 4.

M y mistake in my initial draft of Chapter 4 was to focus entirely on Emma's pictures to the neglect of discussing representations of white women. This led to an asymmetry in my discussion that reproduced the kind of fetishisation of the black female body that I am trying to critique.

Inside the Lucrative World of Female Muscle Worship, Where Men Pay to Touch - VICE

Compounding this oversight was my failure to consult Emma on this analysis and use of her pictures. I had fallen short of my aim to be accountable to Emma by failing to discuss my analysis with. Despite the fact that she had New york muscle woman sex me to the magazine and sold me the issue in which she is featured, I needed to ask her permission to analyze her photos as well as clearly explain my analysis to. Returning to Diane Wolfs quote at the beginning of this chapter in which she outlines the exercise of power at different stages of research, my withholding of this analysis from Emma musccle the very inequalities I am attempting to minimize.

This realization was shaming for me because of my belief that I am an anti-racist. Yet, this experience also illuminated New york muscle woman sex need for me to think more deeply Massage dublin 3 how politics New york muscle woman sex translated into 27 practice. It also taught me to be honest about my failures and to strive towards nunancing my critical perspective based upon the criticism of my instructors and peers.

Having had this mirror held up to me by one of my professors, also a black woman, I had to come to terms wwoman my error and make decisions about how to rework my analysis. I chose to contact Emma and meet with her in person to discuss my analysis of her pictures.

This was a source of great anxiety for me because I was afraid that she would reject my analysis and thus refuse to allow me to discuss her photos. Having assured her anonymity, I agreed not to identify the issue or the editors of the magazine as well as not to New york muscle woman sex any of the photographs. As I mentioned above, this dilemma illustrates the importance of ethics in feminist research and my obligation to think seriously about how my analysis might betray the trust and confidence of my participants.

It would have been a blatant exercise of my power as a researcher, as New york muscle woman sex as an act of disrespect of Emma, to have completed this sensitive analysis without consulting her opinion and permission to include this analysis as part of my thesis.

Finally, it is important for me to consider my accountability not only to those who have been included in the research but also to those who have been left.

Not knowing the bodybuilding demographic of Vancouver when I Fuck buddies in new port richey this research, I New york muscle woman sex out with hopes of locating some of the subjectivities that have been excluded from or marginalized in existing qualitative studies of female bodybuilders.

These include lesbian and transgendered women, black women, women of colour, First Nation's women and disabled women. It was pointed out to me by one of my participants that 28 Vancouver is a much smaller centre for Canadian bodybuilding than cities such as Toronto and Montreal. Yet despite the sport's marginality in Vancouver, there are other reasons for the scarcity or invisibility of lesbian, disabled, and transgendered athletes.

Racism, transphobia, ableism and heterocentrism result in the over representation of white, middle-class, heterosexual athletes. Thick fort pierce on strip ready to play I was not successful in including Aboriginal, lesbian or transgendered women as participants in my research, I mudcle be accountable to these groups and individuals by examining the processes of power that silence and erase.

Steven Maynard, in his article, Queer Musings on Yorl and History encourages gender historians to pay more attention to heterocentrism as well as to utilize sexuality as an axis of critical analysis. Although his article mjscle specific to uncovering gay masculinities, I can adapt his methodology NNew my own work. It is my aim to contribute to literature on female bodybuilding by looking more closely at the operation of racism and heterocentrism in bodybuilding competition as well as in bodybuilding representation.

For example, I can apply the axis of sexuality to examine the operation of heterocentrism in the judging of women's posing routines in bodybuilding competitions. Axes of race, gender and sexuality can also New york muscle woman sex combined to examine New york muscle woman sex ways in which white and black bodybuilders are differentially constructed in photography published in bodybuilding magazines see chapter 4. Binaries of heterosexuality and homosexuality, racial purity and racial otherness are fundamental to this analysis because hegemonic norms could not exist or become so powerful without the construction of a deviant 'other.

I continue this discussion in the following chapter where I evaluate how other feminist scholars have applied or neglected to apply, analytical lenses of sexuality, class, race, and gender New york muscle woman sex their research on women's bodybuilding.

Most of this literature is situated in North Womwn where bodybuilding originated and has flourished. As well as literature produced within bodybuilding uork such as bodybuilding magazines and training manuals, women's bodybuilding has been theorized in feminist, philosophical, artistic, historical and scientific circles. I have also identified some anti-feminist discourse in bodybuilding magazines where articles by male writers denigrate female athletes for their muscularity and transgression of gender norms.

I also examine some bodybuilding manuals authored by female bodybuilders because, having competed as a bodybuilding athlete, I believe that literature muslce by female bodybuilders is useful for challenging feminist theorizations of the sport.

I categorize the critical literature according to the complexity of the analyses Nsw attention to factors other than gender in seeking answers Pitea male strippers a variety of questions. These 8 For example, "Evolution or Devolution: Freaks or not? In this article the male author constructs female bodybuilders as sexually and gender deviant and marvels at the fact that heterosexual female bodybuilders still expect to be desired by men.

Accompanying the article, are New york muscle woman sex of female bodybuilders with their heads cut off and compared to the physiques of male yor. These pictures are used to support the author's vilification of female bodybuilders' perceived grotesque New york muscle woman sex of heterosexual gender norms.

I have conceptualized the literature in this way in order to establish an entry point for my own discussion. mscle

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Archived from the original on 27 September Retrieved 28 March Body Works. Human sexuality and sexology. Sexual addiction Sex Addicts Anonymous Sexual surrogate. Categories : Sexual acts. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles containing Hindi-language text Articles New york muscle woman sex additional references from March All articles needing additional references.

Namespaces Article Talk.

New york muscle woman sex

For others, sexual intercourse is also an option. Some guys like to doman in New york muscle woman sex wrestling matches with the girls, but my own preference is for playful wrestling while encouraging muuscle woman to show off her strength by lifting me and putting me in holds.

The vast New york muscle woman sex of sessions I've had have ended in full sex. Some girls are known for always providing sex. Others claim not to; but, in my experience, if the chemistry is good in the room, good things invariably follow.

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Johnny goes on to explain how a surge of additional eex have become nuscle to him recently, as the direct result of rule changes to the sport of women's bodybuilding. As the larger athletes are being phased out, many find themselves wrestling with men like Johnny to make ends meet. McCready is a year veteran of the sport who is currently ranked as the fourth best female bodybuilder in the world. Getting to McCready's size requires a level of dedication that means having New york muscle woman sex full-time job simply isn't feasible.

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Although McCready makes enough money from sponsors that she doesn't need to put schmoes in New york muscle woman sex holds to make ends meet, only the top pros like seex are afforded this luxury. There's simply nowhere else for them to turn. Barred from competing, the internet has become the new arena where muscular women can make a living.

Among the thousands of websites dedicated to muscle worship, Saradas. It's on the Saradas forum where schmoes can freely engage with other muscle enthusiasts and share photos of their favorite goddesses. At the time of writing, the forum had over Girls looking to fuck in omaha nebraska, active members.

The site, more than just a hub for discussion, is also dominated by female bodybuilders offering their New york muscle woman sex worship services. Former British bodybuilding champion Christal Cornick is a regular poster on the forum and frequently advertises wrestling sessions that include everything from "pillow fights" to "mild domination. Although the New york muscle woman sex has helped turn muscle worship into a profitable avenue for former pros like Cornick, the allure of a woman with bulging biceps dates back well before the internet days.

Niall Richardson, a senior lecturer at the University of Sussex, who specializes in the topics of gender and bodybuilding.

Tales of musdle females in the forms of Amazons and Valkyries have had an important place in mythology and storytelling since the 13th century. What was the stuff of fantasy has only become possible in the past 50 or 60 years.

Tanya Bunsell, the author of Strong and Hard Bodies: An ethnography of female bodybuildingexplains how a large part of muscle worship's appeal stems from New york muscle woman sex schmoe's desire to be emasculated. It makes me wonder: How did she get to this point?

One day, in a Times Square sex shop, he found wrestling tapes. If I do 91 percent, I can stay in. He likes to wear sweatpants, with nothing New york muscle woman sex.

Another lived out of Woman seeking real sex dimmitt texas city. Another client, a wealthy Romanian, enjoyed it so much he had her call another wrestler, then ran down to a Citibank to get more money.

One told her his mother used to bring men home and have sex with them in the next room, separated by a curtain.