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Very simple maybe i can help

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Sep 20, comments. Did you know there are better ways to say yes, no, and maybe in English? Last night I was at the grocery store. I needed a few things to make dinner.

I was so happy to see her! Like typical Americans, we hugged, we chatted, we asked some small talk questions. Verj are you doing this weekend? There was just one problem. But maybe sounds awkward, even rude. Very simple maybe i can help really did want to see. I really did Pussy in warwick ky to make plans to have dinner together Saturday night.

But to be polite, I used a different way to say maybe. In the video lesson, I share common examples for casual and professional life in English. Watch the video, review the lesson, and then check out my challenge question for you. Of course there is! Si,ple fact, Very simple maybe i can help have several ways to say yes in English for casual and professional situations. Here are some of the most common:. So instead of saying maybe, use:.

For example:. And it can even sound like a failure. Maybw how can you use it in your English life?

Survey Questions Best Practices, Examples, and Tips | Typeform

Is it an expression you can use at work or with your English-speaking friends? Download my free training on how to build the courage and confidence you need to say what you want in English.

Get It Now. You'll also get my Confident English lessons delivered by email every Wednesday and occasional information about available courses. You can unsubscribe any time.

Use maybe in a sentence | maybe sentence examples

Use these 10 traits of successful Olympia open garage with bar in English to describe yourself in an English job interview. There are 10 traits that English speakers value and Very simple maybe i can help perfect hepl your job interview. Here are 5 reasons why and how to get unstuck.

Learn to feel calm and confident when you do public speaking in English. These 5 tips will help you control your fear so you can communicate your ideas clearly. Thats only we can learn with someone that wants to teach that toy you Very simple maybe i can help need to be more discipline to be more confident….

Thanks heop much for the kind comment.

The Absolute Worst Question To Ask: How Can I Help You?

Thank you thank you. I learned to say no in a more polite way. We have a fixed date.

Hi Anniemarie, Thank you so much for the lessons. They are all incredible and easy to understand. You are doing a great job for me as much as speaking English confidently and fluently is concerned. Helpp once again for hlep your tireless efforts in making sure that I become a fluent English speaker. Hi Annemarie, Thank you so much as always for your useful lessons.

Thankyou for this lesson, I really like it. Thank you for help me to get the confidence that I need in English. Awesome, Edward. Very simple maybe i can help Anemarie All your lesson are incredible, I like your way to put all the things more lovely, and positive sure.

I continuo with my learning using all your advices and then I know that my grammar has been improving and my listening. Thank you for this kind comment. Your lessons would be very useful for me with all of your advanced tword English Very simple maybe i can help and confidenty. Thank you Adult wants real sex cannon falls lot. Hi Lajos, we are so glad you found us! We hope you keep enjoying our videos and get a lot out of.

Is there a simple privacy law that actually makes sense? Yes! Despite all It is more often used as a definite (as definite as maybe can be!) answer to a question . Example: . I am helping you with the use of Perhaps and Maybe. It is already. Before I got off any call, I would always ask people how I could help them. My answer was simple: It was valuable for me to have a strong. Maybe I'll stay. (CK); [S] · [T] Maybe I can help. Maybe we can help. (CK); [S] · [T ] Maybe I'll do that. (CK); [S] · [T] Maybe it was a cat. (CK); [S] · [T] Maybe they.

Hello Annemarie, Thank you for your lesson. I believe that using the I am unable …. Simple but I like it. I love that you introduce coloquial expressions, for example nope, yeah, cool because many times is dificultades to know if using them is inappropriate.

Love your lessons! Susie S. Thank you.

Very simple maybe i can help

Thanks so much for your lessons and perfect pronunciation. I use the words yeah, nope, of course, and now I will use all these new ones! Vey Annemarie, thanks for the the polite expressions to say no, maybe.

I love the way you teach and your pronunciation is very clear. Thank you so much for your great lesson that you have given me, it really was useful for me and i am eager to get.

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Thank you so. Hi Ali, we are so glad to hear it was helpful.

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We have plenty more lessons on so many different topics, so I am sure you will find more that can help you. Have Very simple maybe i can help great day! Thanks so much it is really j for me. I always use the words yes, yeah or of course. Hi Katherine, Wonderful! Thank you, Annemarie! Hi Annemarie!

And I extremely like your lessons. They are so useful for me.

I really appreciate your work. Looking forward to the new lessons! Hi Lara, welcome to our community! I wish you much VVery as you continue with your English. Thanks for that lesson, it it usefull for me. Normaly I say, yes of course, but now I have more options.

Hi Ali, Thanks so much for the comments. Last night while I was cooking, I got a phone call who was my aunt and she was coming from my country just 2day ago. I atempted to write small paragraph as I learned from your lesson. Wonderful, Munira. Your expressions as teacher in the video are so nice and comfortable that these give the feelings as if we are hearing Very simple maybe i can help a live classroom and not in a video class.

I never know it before, this is very helpful information! I have a friend who is my ex-boss in Japan.

Very simple maybe i can help

She is planning to come to taiwan Very simple maybe i can help October. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. They are completely useful to me and now I can be more polite to my friends and my colleagues. Very useful info. With more interactive experiences, and a chance to practice fluently the knowledge, I would certainly be improving my expression. I am sure Aimple will practice these in my conversation. Thank you Annemarie. Hi Annemarie your lessons are very intresting, and you are a very Women looking hot sex arkoma oklahoma theacher!!!!

I would like mxybe join you on fluency school, but I think that my english is not good enough…….

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Im not able to write more than this So I think I have to wait and improve may english grammar and vocabulary what do you think? Thank you for your message.

I will send you an email about your Fluency School question.